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EXPIRED – The Our Biggest Mac Bundle Ever! from Paddle with up to 16 apps at your own price

Paddle just published its so called Our Biggest Mac Bundle Ever! which contains up to 16 apps from different areas. You can chose your own price but if you pay more than the average paid price so far, you will get 16 instead of 4 apps, which makes the bundle a real bargain.

Here is a short overview over the included software:

makes the menu bar’s menu accessible from any window or screen.

is a descryption tool.

is a diary which supports the cloud.

offes you a flexible window placement with just a click.

is a mangament software for video clips.

organizes your bookmarks in different browsers.

Focus (14,99$)
adds blur effects and tilt-shift-effects to your pictures.

is a flexible and powerul file organizer.

Keynote Infographics
contains differenz info graphics for Apple Keynote.

Keynote Themes
consist of 46 Keynote templates.

MacHider (10$)
hides and protects files and folder with just one click.

controlls apps with just a few keystrokes.

offers the opportunity to remotely access your home network.

Debug The Api
is a tool for analysing HTTP based APIs.

is meant for sending large files or move them to the dropbox.

Code Collector Pro
helps you to organize and store code snippets.

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