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EXPIRED – The Mac Pick a Bundle! Pick 10 apps for $39! Save up to $1.000!

And here it comes. The first Pick a Bundle deal for ages. The so called Mac Pick a Bundle contains 10 apps for $39. You can choose among 28 different apps. The savings can be as much as $1.000 depending on the apps you select. The bundle comes with a couple of apps which have never been in bundles so far. So check them out. The bundle will last until the end of the month.

The Mac Pick a Bundle contains the following apps:

Paw ($30)
is a tool for developer which helps you to build HTTP requests.

RapidWeaver 6 ($89.99)
is a new generation webdesign software which lets you create your own websites without too much programming knowledge. Rapidweaver 6 publishes the pages as XHTML / CSS. According to the developers, it is based on a huge community which should make it easier to exchange with other developers.

Typed ($19.99)
is a markdown editor.

Mariner Write (50$)
is a text programm for your Mac.

Soulver ($12)
is a small but smart calculator.

Flux 5 ($109.99)
the highly awarded App Flux 5 is a software for developping HMTL 5 websites.

DiskSensei ($20)
is a disk performance tool.

uBar ($20)
is a replacement for the Mac Dock.

iShowU HD ($59.95)
is a screen recorder which lets you record your screen in HD.

Freeway Pro 7 ($150)
is a webdesign software.

Mail Pilot 2 ($20)
is a tool for organizing your inbox.

Pixa ($24.99)
helps organising images.

Emulsion ($49.99)
is a photo library app.

Exhibeo ($10)
is a tool for creating retina web galleries.

Focus ($20)
helps you to focus on the things you need to do.

Deep Dreamer ($15)
lets you fill your photos with birds, insects and dogs.

Posterino ($19.99)
helps you creating collages from the size of a postcard to a poster.

Alternote ($7)
is a note-taking app.

Chronicle ($14,99)
is a finance tool for bill management.

Kiwi for Gmail ($9.99)
is a desktop client for Gmail.

Downie 2 ($20)
is a video downloader which supports more than 900 sites.

Inboard ($20)
organises screenshots and photos.

MacSnapper ($49.00)
creates websites and PDFs out of your pictures and screenshots.

PhotoSweeper ($10)
eliminates similar or duplicate photos.

Publisher Master ($15)
is a Desktop Publishing app.

Totals ($40)
is an app to produce bills.

Stock Pro ($30)
is an investment app for your stocks.

Print Selection ($5)
lets you print exactly the parts of webpages you want to.

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