EXPIRED – Bundle of the Year! Mac Bundle 3.0 with Camtasia and Crossover at your own defined price!

Wow! That really is one of this year’s highlight bundles! StackSocial just published its so called Mac Bundle 3.0 which features the highlight apps Camtasia 2 and Crossover 12.5. The bundle consists of up to 10 apps. By defining your own price, you get the 3 apps Airy, My Living Desktop and Compartments. If you pay more than the average so far paid price, you will get another 7 apps including the two highlight apps mentioned above. As usually the price is rising from the beginning, so you’d better be quick to maximize your savings.

The bundle is worth 412$ and will probably be available until the 1st of october.

Here comes the short summary of the apps:

Camtasia 2 (99$)
Camtasia is perhaps THE screen capture tool for Mac. You can record your own videos, add comments or graphics and you can import your own moderated videos.

CrossOver 12.5 (60$)
allwows you to open Windows apps on your Mac. There is no need for rebooting. According to the developper it even runs at native speed.

Lucid ($55.99)
enhances your homepages by additional effects and content like Google Maps.

iDocument (50$)
is the perfect tool for cloud document organisation also for Mountain Lion.

Narrator ($40)
reads out loudly your texts.

MacHider (10$)
hides and protects files and folder with just one click.

RaySurpreme (40$)
is a 3D modelling and rendering app.

Airy (20$)
lerts you download YouTube videos.

My Living Desktop (30$)
offers you moving desktop backgrounds.

Compartments (10$)
is a tool for managing your home inventory.

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