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EXPIRED – Black Friday Mac Bundle from with 10 apps for $15! Save 93%!

And here comes the next bundle for this week. The so called Black Friday Mac Bundle from contains 10 apps for $15.00 only! That is exactly $1.50 per app. This bundles saves you 93% compared to the normal price. The bundle will be available for a few weeks only.

The Black Friday Mac Bundle contains the following apps:

Memories ($15)
is like a diary for your Mac.

Dialectic ($25)
uses Bluetooth mobile phones, modems, or speakers to dial the phone.

Cinematica ($25)
is a management tool for video clisp.

Call Recorder (FT) ($30)
records your FaceTime audio and video sessions.

Folding Text ($29.99)
is a simple plain text editor.

Caboodle (19$)
manages different kind of information in an hierarchic way.

Divvy ($14)
equally divides the windows of your screen.

Timing ($25)
automatically stops how long you are working on documents or files.

Smoovie (40$)
is a stop motion animations software.

Ceceree ($5)
is kind of a wishlist for Mac apps.

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