EXPIRED – The Unlimited Bundle from AppyFridays with up to 10 Apps from only 11,99$

AppyFridays is offering for the first time a bundle where you can chose the number of apps you want to have. The so called Unlimited Bundle lets you chose among 10 different apps. 4 Apps are available at a price of only 11,99$, 6 apps for 17,99$ and finally all the 10 apps for only 21,99$. That means you can save up to 233$. This bundle will be available for two weeks!

You have the choice between the 10 following apps:

Sparkbox (29,99$)
lets you create image galleries and catalogs.

CleanText (39,99$)
deletes formated texts that it can be used in different apps without a format.

Bits (9,99$)
is a diary which supports the cloud.

FlashCard Hero (14,99$)
is a tool that lets you create flash cards for learning.

Voila ($30)
is another screen capture tool. You can add comment to your screenshots and easily share them on the internet.

Find Any File (7,99$)
is a searching tool for your mac whcih gives you faster access to your files and folders.

DropKey (9,99$)
encrypts files in a very easy way.

Blu-ray Creator (39,99$)
is a software for the authoring of blu-rays.

My Living Desktop (30$)
offers you moving desktop backgrounds.

Stellar Drive Monitor (29$)
monitors the status of your hard disks.

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