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EXPIRED – StackSocial’s Lifehacker Bundle – 9 Apps for 49$

Stacksocial packed 9 apps in its Lifehacker Bundle at a total price of 49,99$.

The real highlights are missing maybe, but for the ones who already planned to buy one of those apps it might be an nice opportunity.

Here comes the overview:

Tech Tool Pro 6 (100$)
the most expensive app of the bundle dianoses and identifies hardware problems in order to prevent repair costs.

Path Finder 6 (40$)
speeds up the data access to different files an folders.

TextExpander 4 (35$)
enhances the typing speed by predefined shortcuts and fixes typo.

MacHider (10$)
hides and protects files and folder with just one click.

Dropzone 2 (10$)
is a universal tool that launches apps more quickly, builds an own cloud sharing solution with Amazon S3 and exchanges screenshots in a more efficient way.

AirServer (15$)
streams files from iOs devices to the Mac.

CameraBag 2 (15$)
is a photo app for editing with over 100 filters.

MacPilot 5 (20$)
stabilises the performance of your Mac.

IPNetMonitorX (60$)
indentifies erros when havning problems with you internet access.

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