EXPIRED – The 2014 Productive Macs Bundle with 9 apps for 30$

Productive Macs published a new bundle. The so called 2014 Productive Macs Bundle contains 11 apps at a price of 30$. As the normal price is around 236$, you can save up to 88%. There is no hint how long the bundle will be available.

Here is a short overview of the bundle software:

controls apps with just a few keystrokes.

iRip (24.95$)
lets you rip your DVDs and exports them to your iPod, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

ExpanDrive (39,95$)
offers a cloud storage solution for every application.

Hands Off (49,95$)
gives you control over your data and privacy.

Raskin (24,99$)
is an alternative desktop interface.

MacSnapper (49,00$)
creates websites and PDFs out of your pictures and screenshots.

LilyView (4,99$)
is a compact picture viewer.

Cocktail (19$)
frees your Mac from unnecessary files and repairs and optimizes your system.

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