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EXPIRED – Pick a Bundle 2.0 – Chose 10 out of 30 apps for just 49,99$

Paddle just relaunched its Pick a Bundle, the so called Pick a Bundle 2.0 and offers you again 30 apps, out of which you can chose 10 for a price of just 49,99$.

The bundle will probably available until the 12th of july.

It’s a nice choice which is offered. If you already planned to buy at least 2 or 3 apps, then the bundle is a real bargain.

Here comes the short summary of the apps:

KeyCue (25,99$)
displays all the available shortcuts after pressing the command key.

On the Job (39,95$)
ist a time tracking tool.

ExpanDrive (89,85$)
offers a cloud storage solution for every application. It also includes 20GB cloud storage for one year.

Espionage (29,99$)
lets you enrypt folders and files.

RipIt (24.95$)
lets you rip your DVDs and exports them to your iPod, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

iRip (19.95$)
believie it or not, it is another rip tool. It’s up to you to decide which is the better one.

DEVONnote (24,95$)
is a notepad for Richtext documents.

TotalFinder (18$)
extends Apple’s finder with additional tabs.

Totals (40$)
is an app to procuce bills.

Overflow (14,95$)
accelares the Launch of files or programs.

A Better Finder Rename (19,95$)
offers you a simple way to rename files via batch lists. Top gambling ausie online casino australia real money here.

MacHider (10$)
hides and protects files and folder with just one click.

MailTags (29,95$)
lets you add tags to your email in order to spot mail easier.

Typinator (32,60$)
is a tool for accelerating your typing speed.

Sequence (34,99$)
makes sequences out of your pictures.

TotalSpaces (15$)
organises your desktop.

Yep! (23,99$)
is a tool for document management.

DEVONsphere Express (9.95$)
detects similarities between different emails or web pages.

Keycard (6,99$)
secures your Mac from unwanted access.

Grappier (19,95$)
downloads videos and music from the internet for playback in iTunes.

Tidy Up 3 (39$)
finds duplicates files in order to clean your harddisk.

Magic Launch (19,95$)
is a tool for managing your app launches.

PopChar X (36,99$)
gets the best out of your fonts.

HDRtist Pro (29,99$)
creates HDR images out of your photos.

ABFA = A better finder attributes (14,95$)
lets you change the file creation daten.

Leap (23,99$)
is a tool for tracking files.

MailActOn (24,95$)
lets you create rules for answering and managing E-Mails.

Home Inventory (19,99$)
catalogs your home inventory.

MacBreakz (24,95$)
motivates you for breaks while working on your Mac.

MacSnapper (49,00$)
creates websites and PDFs out of your pictures and screenshots.

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