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We are a Germany-based company focussing mainly on finding bundles for the Apple Mac. Founded in 2012, we started with German and English blog websites. In addition to this, we have been continuously developing our platform by adding a newsletter alert and setting up Social Media Pages like Facebook. Finally in 2018, we did a mayor relaunch of our website giving you a much better user experience. Since we have to maintain our channels and finance this project, we use ref links to get a small commission to cover costs, for instance, for server, external web developers and designers.


Finding bundles – if not the best Mac App Bundles – for you and helping you saving hundreds of dollars! There are numerous places and websites where app bundles are offered. So we try to simplify your time-consuming efforts to find the latest bundles. We do that by providing a one stop site where you are always up to date about the latest offers.

  • Spotting the latest Mac App Bundles
  • Curating the bundles at one platform
  • Giving a short summary of each bundle
  • Informing early to save even more
  • Offering a newsletter for new bundles
  • Helping you save money
  • Increasing discussion about the bundles
  • Finding bundles you missed otherwise

Having featured more than 300 bundles already, we are the specialist when it comes to finding the best Mac app bundles.


More than 1,600 newsletter subscribers follow the latest developments of the Apple app bundles world.


Over the last 5 years, almost 200,000 unique visitors came to visit our websites and to get informed about the most attractive bundle offers.

What’s UP NEXT?

First at all, we are thinking of relaunching our newsletter design as well in the near future. In addition to this, we want to setup new blogs for similar topics, like bundles for designers. So if you have an idea or if you want to contribute to our team, just let us know and we’ll see where it goes!

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