EXPIRED – The new Productive Macs Bundle with 7 Apps for only 29,99€

After publishing the latest bundle in june, ProductiveMacs.com has now published its new Productive Macs Bundle. The bundle comes with 7 apps at a price of 29,99$. That means savings of around 85%.

Here is a short summary of the included apps:
Default Folder X (34,95$)
adds a tool bar to the right screen for a faster access to your folders and commandos.

Circus Ponies NoteBook (50$)
lets you add audio files to your notes.

Keyboard Maestro
is a tool that switches short cuts into predefined words or sentences.

Trickster (10$)
is a productive booster which gives you fast access to the last documents and files you used.

FX Photo Studio Pro (39$)
is an awarded tool for photo editing. Like in Photoshop you can work in different layers and you can add numerous filters.

Vitamin-R (39,99$)
is a productivity tool.

Numeric Notes (10$)
is a calculation tool with easy share options.

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