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EXPIRED – The MacHeist Anarchy Bundle with up to 9 for $14.99 – 90% OFF

Finally, MacHeist has published its latest bundle. The so called MacHeist Anarchy Bundle contains 9 apps at a total price of $14.99. Two of the apps are only released after a certain number of bundles have been sold. There seems to be a 10th app, but it has not revealed yet, which app it would be. Everyone who bought the bundle will usually receive those bundles on top, once the goals are reached. The bundle is worth more than $240, so you can save more than 90%. It will be available until the 20th of january.

The MacHeist Anarchy Bundle contains the following apps:

Default Folder X ($34.95)
adds a tool bar to the right screen for a faster access to your folders and commandos.

Virus Barrier ($40)
is one of the leading antivir softwares for Mac.

uBar ($20)
replaces the dock by a stylish bar.

Speedy ($20)
accelarets the access to frequently used documents and offers an additional clipboard tool.

TotalFinder (18$)
extends Apple’s finder with additional tabs.

Parallels Access ($20)
gives you a 1-year-subscription for a remote access to your system.

CodeKit ($32)
is a tool for speedings up web development.

Cocktail ($19) – released after 5,000 bundles have been sold
frees your Mac from unnecessary files and repairs and optimizes your system.

LittleSnitch ($35) – not yet clear when released
lets you control which apps have internet access and lets you manage your privacy.

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