EXPIRED – Pay What You Want Spring 2016 Mac Bundle with 13 apps – worth $946!

Here comes the next Pay What You Want bundle from StackSocial. The so called Pay What You Want Spring 2016 Mac Bundle comes with up to 13 apps at your own defined price. If you pay more than the so far paid average, you will get the whole 13 apps. Otherwise only 3 apps. As the price increases with the time, you’d better hurry up to make your bargain. The bundle will be available for a couple of weeks.

The Pay What You Want Spring 2016 Mac Bundlecontains the following apps:

Owlet ($499)
turns your 3D models into photorealistic images.

Flux 6 ($99.99)
the highly awarded App Flux 6 is a software for developping HMTL 5 websites.

AfterShot Pro 2 ($79.99)
supports your photo workflow by creating a searchable library.

Hands Off ($49.99)
gives you control over your data and privacy.

Folders Synchronizer ($40)
synchronizes or backups files, folders and disks.

Screens 3 ($29.99)
lets you remotely control your computer with this user-friendly VNC for Mac.

AllMyMusic for Mac ($29)
lets you record audio from any online streaming site.

iClip ($14.99)
is a tool for easily organizing & accessing the contents on your clipboard.

FilePane ($4.99)
lets you drag a file, folder, text or images from any app.

Pomodoro Time Pro ($4.99)
is an app for defining & managing tasks and tracking progress.

Emulsion ($49.99)
is a powerful photo library app.

skEdit ($30)
is an HTML editor.

Marked 2 ($13.99)
shows markdowns in text documents.

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