EXPIRED – The Gigantic Mac Fall Bundle with 16 apps for just 39,99$

Bundlehunt announced its latest bundle today. The so called Gigantic Mac Fall Bundle contains 16 apps for a price of just 39,99$. That means savings of 474$ or around 91% compared to the normal prices. The bundle featuring Data Recovery Guru, Espionage 3 and MacSnapper will probably be available until the 2nd of october.

Here is the summary of the included apps:

Mac Data Recovery Guru (99$)
is an easy to use and technologically advanced recovery software.

Espionage 3 (29,99$)
lets you enrypt folders and files.

TotalFinder (18$)
extends Apple’s finder with additional tabs.

HDR Darkroom 2 (59,99$)
is a photo editing app.

MacSnapper (49,00$)
MoneyWiz (24,99$)
manages your finances.

Fast Toggles (9,99$)
is a collection of useful toggles for the dock or launchpad.

iGlasses (19,95$)
adjusts your webcam and offers numerous effects for iChat, Skype, Google Talk and Facebook Chat.

Mariner Writer (49,95$)
is a nice text processing tool.

TotalFinder (18$)
extends Apple’s finder with additional tabs.

Live Interior 3D (50$)
is a software made for design you interior home!

ist management tool for Paypal transactions.

Texts (29$)
is an app that lets you edit your texts in different ways.

Email Archiver ($24,99)
creates archives based on searchable PDFs out of your emails.

Bluenote (9,99$)
organises notes, tasks and passwords.

Numeric Notes (10$)
is a calculation tool with easy share options.

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