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EXPIRED – The Mac Essentials PWYW Bundle with 10 apps for around $10

Photo Mac Essentials Bundle
here is a Screenshot of the Mac Essentials Bundle

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Creatable just launched two Pay What You Want Bundles. The first one is called Mac Essentials PWYW Bundle and contains 10 well known apps. It is priced just a little more than $10 at the moment. If you pay more than the so far paid average price, you will get the whole 10 apps. The bundle will be available until the mid of november.

The Mac Essentials PWYW Bundle contains the following apps:

iRip (24.95$)
lets you rip your DVDs and exports them to your iPod, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

Lucid ($53)
enhances your homepages by additional effects and content like Google Maps.

CrossOver 14 ($59.95)
allows you to open Windows apps on your Mac. There is no need for rebooting. According to the developper it even runs at native speed.

Disk Drill Pro ($89)
is a software for data recovery.

HDR Darkroom 3 ($89)
is a photo editing app.

Vitamin-R (39,99$)
is a productivity tool.

SyncMate Expert 5 ($40)
lets you synchronize your devices for major apps such as calendars, reminders, contacts, boomarks and so on.

ForeverSave 2 (19,95$)
is an auto backup solution for your documents and files.

Back in Focus (99,99$)
increases the sharpness of your pictures.

Beautune ($49.99)
is a photo editing software especially for portraits.

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