EXPIRED – Paddle Spring Bundle – 10 Apps including TuneUp for just 39,99$

Paddle also announced a Spring Bundle. The bundle contains 10 apps at a price of 39,99$ which saves you around 190$ in total. The bundle will be available until the 2nd of may.

Paddle packed the following apps in its bundle:

TuneUp (49,95$)
TuneUp cleans your iTunes library in a very convenient way. It lets you correct or edit details and information of every song. You can delete songs which are twice in your library and add album covers automatically as well as lyrics.

Geekbench (12,99$)
is a benchmark tool.

Bluenote (9,99$)
organises notes, tasks and passwords.

Email Archiver (20$)
creates archives based on searchable PDFs out of your emails.

Trovebox (30$)
is a tool for organising your pictures.

Texts (29$)
is an app that lets you edit your texts in different ways.

Cocktail (14$)
frees your Mac from unnecessary files and repairs and optimises your system.

YourtTrip (19,99$)
is an app for organistion your trips.

GrandReporter (29,99$)
automates searchings on the internet.

Permute (14,99$)
converts videos in different formats by drag-and-drop.

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