EXPIRED – Bundlefox Pick Your Own Mac Bundle – 5 out of 15 apps for $12 only!

Photo Bundlefox Pick Your Own Mac Bundle

Bundlefox is a new player on the app bundles market. Its first bundle comes with 5 out of 15 apps for $12 only. The so called Bundlefox Pick Your Own Mac Bundle contains apps suchs as Yummy FTP pro, Deliver, Circular Studio and many more. You can save up to approx. $120 which means savings of around 90%. The bundle will probably be available for 2 weeks.

The following apps are included in the Bundlefox Pick Your Own Mac Bundle:

Yummy FTP Pro ($29.99)
is an FTP/S + SFTP + WebDAV/S file transfer client.

Command-Tab Plus ($7.95)
lets you easily switch apps.

Permute ($19.99$)
converts videos in different formats by drag-and-drop.

StarMessage Screensaver ($9.95)
is a screensaver that shows the actual phase of the moon.

Calendar 366 Plus ($9.99)
is a calendar for your menu bar.

Superstring 2 Pro ($39.99)
creates stunning lyric videos in minutes.

Bugz ($14.95)
manages bugs and feature request for your products.

Eon ($19.99)
is a time tracker.

Memory Cleaner ($9.99)
speeds up your mac by freeing up the memory.

LaunchControl ($10)
is a debug system for the Mac.

Circular Studio ($29.99)
is a photo editor.

Deliver ($19.95)
is an automated tool for file delivery.

Ammonite ($10)
lets you easily share files across the internet and local networks.

Disk Sensei ($20)
is a disk performance tool.

Inboard ($20)
organises screenshots and photos.

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