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EXPIRED – Double Down Mac Bundle with up to 2 apps at your own defined price

Only 2 Apps – but let’s call it a bundle!

StackSocial just published its so called Double Down Mac Bundle, which will be available until the 21st of june at your own definded price. EscortNavi.

If you pay more than the average paid price, you will receive the app Shortcuts in addition to the app Find Any File.

Here comes a short summary of both apps:

Find Any File (6$)
is a searching tool for your mac whcih gives you faster access to your files and folders.

Shortcuts (10$)
creates shortcuts for a quick launch of apps, files and folders.


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Comments (2)

Hi there,

Just thought I’d let you know that your link’s broken.

Awesome site you have here; keep up the good work.


Thanks for telling.
The link is fixed now!
Glad you like our page 😉

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