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EXPIRED – The Paddle Pay What You Want Mac Bundle 2 with up to 8 apps

Paddle just published a new bundle at your own defined price.

The so called Pay what you want Mac Bundle 2 contains a minium of 3 apps for a price of just 1$. I you pay more than the average paid price so far you will receive 5 additional apps.

The bundle will be available until the end of the month.

The following apps are included in the bunle.

AppShelf (9,90$)
shows and manages the licence keys of your programs.

Washing Machine
cleans your Mac from unnecessary data which has come with surfing the web.

Deal Alert
informs you about the latest apps and product deals.

Folx Pro
is an easy not overloaded download manager.

MoneyWell ($49.99)
is a tool for managing your finances.

Lucid ($55.99)
enhances your homepages by additional effects and content like Google Maps.

isa tool for managing your home inventory.

Data Recovery
recovers lost, deleted and formated data, not only from your hard disks but also your memory sticks, memory cards etc.

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