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EXPIRED – Bundlehunt 5$ Bucks Deal – $5 Apps Week

Not a real bundle but, as there are 7 apps for only $5 each, one new per day, for the days to come, we decided to feature them anyway on our homepage. We will update this page daily in order to always show you the latest deal. So make sure you come back 😉

Here is a list of the featured apps:

Day 10:
Paperless 2 ($49.95)
ets you digitally store your documents in an IRS accepted way. It helps you to spot you documents easily.

Day 9:
MobileTrans ($39.95)
allows you to copy contact, logged calls, videos, pictures, etc. from phone to phone.

Day 8:
Backup Guru (39$)
creates backups from files and folders.

Day 7:
PDF to Word for Mac ($29.95)
the tool from Wondershare converts PDF files into Word documents.

Day 6:
Elmedia Player Pro ($19.95)
downloads streaming videos to your Mac with the ability to create screenshots.

Day 5:
Business Card Composer ($34.95)
lets you create your own business cards.

Day 4:
Folx Pro ($19.95)
is a download manager for the Mac.

Day 3:
Elite Keylogger Pro (49$)
discretely tracks passwords and keystrokes and monitors all your computer activities.

Day 2:
Mac Optimizer (29$)
is a tool for optimizing the performance of your Mac.

Day 1:
Mac Gourmet Deluxe ($49.95)
lets you manage your recipes and bills.

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