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EXPIRED – The February Mac Bundle with 10 apps worth $282 at your own price

And here comes the next bundle from . The so called February Mac Bundle comes with 10 apps at you own defined price. If you pay more than the average paid price so far, you will receive all the 10 apps worth more than $282. The included highlight apps are Washing Machine, Deliver Express and Bookends alone worth more than $80. The current price is just over $9, so you can really make a bargain. In the past it has been a good move to act fast as the average price usually increases with time.

The following apps are included in the February Mac Bundle:

Exhibeo ($10)
is a tool for creating retina web galleries.

Arq ($39.99)
is an online backup solution.

Delibar ($4)
is a Pinboard client.

Menubar ($4.99)
lets you check your inbox in your status bar.

Deliver Express Standard ($79.95)
is an automated tool for file delivery.

Peppermint ($14.99)
is a code editor for your Mac.

Washing Machine
cleans your Mac from unnecessary data which has come with surfing the web.

LiveReload ($9.99)
is a web developer tool which refreshes the browser after saving a file.

Mousposé ($9.99)
dims the screen and puts a spotlight around the mouse to get the audience’s attention.

Bookends ($59.99)
is a full-featured reference manager and bibliography software.

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