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Bundlehunt New Year Mac Bundle starting at only $6

Photo Bundlehunt Unlock Bundle

They did it again …

Finally Bundlehunt just published its second unlock your bundle. The so-called New Year Mac Bundle starts with a basic price of 5$ and at least 1 app at a price of 1$. So if you want to have more apps, you can just add additional for reduced prices of  $1 to $5. As a result of this your bundle can consist of one or numerous apps just like you want it, resulting in a minimum price of $6. You can also buy additional licenses of the same product.

Savings & Availability

The bundle lets you save up to hundreds of dollars and will probably be available until the end of February.

The New Year Mac Bundle contains the following apps:

Drive Genius 5
Drive Genius 5 is a tool for enhancing the performance of your Mac.
Price $99
Paragon Camptune X
lets you change the partition size of Boot Camp without reformatting the volume.
Price $19.95
is your personal database for notes, tasks, lists, files, projects, and contacts.
Price $50
is a powerful FTP client and file manager that supports FTP, SFTP, WebDav and S3.
Price $30
Data Rescue 5
is one of the best tools when it comes to save lost or deleted data.
Price $99,99
CameraBag Cinema
is an app for video editing and comes with numerous filters.
Price $49
Photolemur Spectre
gives you automated photo enhancement.
Price $29
Intego Personal Backup X9
backups your system.
Price $29.95
Disk Sensei
is a disk performance tool.
Price $19.95
enhances your homepages by additional effects and content like Google Maps.
Price $49.95
stabilises the performance of your Mac.
Price $29.95

and many more apps …

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