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Uneeq’s Awesome Mac Bundle 9 with 11 apps for $24.95 – 92% OFF

Photo Uneeq's Awesome Mac Bundle 9

Here comes number 9 …

Uneeq also launched a new bundle last week. It is their 9th Mac bundle so it has been called Uneeq’s Awesome Mac Bundle 9. The Mac App Bundle comes with 11 apps from completely different areas. So you get software to protect your Wifi network or tools to recover lost data from your iPhone. The bundle is priced at $24.95 which equals savings of almost 92%, so you can get every app for a little bit more than $2.

Highlight apps

We at mac-bundles like the most the apps NetSpot Home, Cisdem iPhone Recovery  and Mac Product Key Finder Pro.

Savings & Availability

As we mentioned above, the bundle lets you save almost 92% compared to the original single app prices. Compared to their normal price of approx. §323, you can save only, if you need one higher priced app or a few apps.

Our summary of Uneeq’s Awesome Mac Bundle 9

This bundle is very specific. It is up to you to judge if there is one or a few apps which you need in order to justify the bundle price. 

The Uneeq’s Awesome Mac Bundle 9 contains the following apps:

NetSpot Home ($49.99)
NetSpot Home is a tool for managing and controlling your WLAN.
+ 10 apps for $24.95
Cisdem iPhone Recovery ($49.95)
Cisdem iPhone Recovery helps you recover your lost or deleted iOS data.
+ 10 apps for $24.95
Liquivid Video improve ($19.99)
Liquivid Video improve is an intuitive, easy-to-use editor for your videos and photos.
+ 10 apps for $24.95
Cisdem AppCrypt ($19.95)
Cisdem AppCrypt is designed for protecting your apps and block websites.
+ 10 apps for $24.95
iStumbler ($9.99)
iStumbler is a wireless discovery tool for Mac OS X.
+ 10 apps for $24.95
Mac Product Key Finder Pro ($29.95)
Mac Product Key Finder Pro lets you easily find product keys.
+ 10 apps for $24.95
Cisdem ContactsMate ($29.99)
Cisdem ContactsMate is a nicely design contact manager.
+ 10 apps $24.95
Seense PDF Watermarker ($19.99)
Seense PDF Watermarker watermarks your PDFs text, images and stamps.
+ 10 apps for $24.95
BZG Unite ($24.99)
BZG Unite turns websites into full-featured, native apps.
+ 10 apps for $24.95
Cisdem PDF Creator ($39.99)
Cisdem PDF Creator is a tool for easily creating a PDF from different file types.
Price $49.95
One Up VideoGet ($29.95)
VideoGet is a video download manager that lets you save videos.
+ 10 apps for $24.95
Uneeq's Awesome Mac Bundle 9
Uneeq's Awesome Mac Bundle 9 offers a nice bundle of apps!
11 apps for $24.95

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