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EXPIRED – The Paddle Holiday Bundle with 12 apps for 39,99$

As the holiday season is approaching, Paddle launched its new Paddle Holiday Bundle today for the Apple Mac. The bundle contains 12 apps at a total price of only 39,99$. Unfortunately there is no hint of the total savings. The one highlight which is included in the app is MoneyBag which justifies the price of the bundle all alone. The bundle will probably available until the 4th of december.

Here is a short overview over the included software tools:

is tool for a quick exchange of Dropbox links.

Dropzone (10$)
is a universal tool that launches apps more quickly, builds an own cloud sharing solution with Amazon S3 and exchanges screenshots in a more efficient way.

Temperature Gauge
shows the temperature of different components of yous Mac.

Letter Opener Pro
offers the opportunity to open winmail.dat files in Apple Mail.

is a stress-test for your own web server.

Time Tracker
is a time tracking tool which gives shows the time spent for different tasks.

is a tool for resizing pictures and eliminating unnecessary areas.

MoneyBag (60$)
manages your finances.

measures your screen.

integrates a to do list in the menubar.

compares files in directories.

converts plain text into audio files.

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