EXPIRED – $5 Insanity Deals from Bundlehunt with 7 Mac apps for only $5 each!

With the new $5 Insanity Deals from Bundlehunt you receive every day a highly reduced app for $5 only with savings up to 75%.
Not a real bundle but, as there are multiple apps for only $5 each, one new per day, for the days to come, we decided to feature them anyway on our homepage. We will update this page daily in order to always show you the latest deal. So make sure you come back 😉

Day 8:
StoryMill ($39.95)
is a word processor for authors.

Day 7:
Watermark Plus ($14.99)
is a bulk photo converter with a watermark compressor.

Day 6:
Subliminal ($14.99)
puts predefined messages for milliseconds on your screen.

Day 5:
CollageIt 3 Pro ($19.99)
lets you create collages.

Day 4:
MailBar ($10)
offers checking your inbox in the status bar.

Day 3:
SaneDesk ($17.99)
lets you create desktop configurations.

Day 2:
Get Backup Pro ($19.95)
combines backups with synchronisation and cloning features.

Day 1:
FX Photo Studio Pro ($17.99)
is an awarded tool for photo editing. Like in Photoshop you can work in different layers and you can add numerous filters.

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