EXPIRED – Cyber Monday Bundle from MacUpdate with 11 apps for $54.99! Save 93%!

The next bundle comes from MacUpdate. The so called Cyber Monday Bundle contains 11 apps for $54.99! That is less than $5 per app! The bundles saves you 93%! It will be available for 2 weeks.

The following apps are included int ehe Cyber Monday Bundle:

– for the first 3,000 buyers –
RapidWeaver 6 (80$)
is a new generation webdesign software which lets you create your own websites without too much programming knowledge. Rapidweaver 6 publishes the pages as XHTML / CSS. According to the developers, it is based on a huge community which should make it easier to exchange with other developers.

– für alle –
TechTool Pro 8 ($99.99)
is an diagnosis and repair tool for your mac that enhances the performance of your Mac.

Alpha ($229)
is a tool for photo editing.

NetShade 6 ($45)
is an easy-to-use VPN for online privacy.

OfficeTime ($47)
lets you stop the time you are working on projects.

Mellel ($47)
is a multilingual word processor.

Arq (39,99$)
is an online backup solution.

Yummy FTP Alias ($4.99)
is a powerful FTP client.

Hear (20$)
improves the sound quality of you Mac.

Money ($39.99)
is a finance tool.

Future.dj pro ($99.99)
is a dj app for audio, video and karaoke.

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