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EXPIRED! MUST SEE! The Pay What You Want Mac Power User Bundle with up to 10 apps!

Finally there is a new bundle … and it really was worth waiting for. The so called Pay What You Want Mac Power User Bundle comes with 10 apps at your own defined price and it includes highlights such as StuffIt Deluxe, Rapidweaver, CrossOver, BusyCal and WinZip! The bundle is worth more 368$ so you can save more than 95%! If you pay more than the so far paid average price, you will get the whole 10 apps. Otherwise only the apps Find Any File and Screens. If you consider buying it, you’d better be quick as the price usually increases with the time. You can make your bargain being among the first buyers. The bundle will probably be available for one month.

The Pay What You Want Mac Power User Bundle contains the following apps:

Find Any File ($7.99)
is a searching tool for your mac whcih gives you faster access to your files and folders.

Screens ($14.99)
lets you remotely control your Mac via a virtual network client.

StuffIt Deluxe ($49.99)
is the reference, when it comes to compression tools for Mac.

RapidWeaver 6 ($89.99)
is a new generation webdesign software which lets you create your own websites without too much programming knowledge. Rapidweaver 6 publishes the pages as XHTML / CSS. According to the developers, it is based on a huge community which should make it easier to exchange with other developers.

CrossOver 14 ($59.95)
allwows you to open Windows apps on your Mac. There is no need for rebooting. According to the developper it even runs at native speed.

BusyCal ($49.99)
is one of the best calendar apps for Mac.

WinZip 4 Mac ($29.95)
is the leading archive and compression software for the Mac. It therefore is a must-have for every Mac owner.

WALTR ($29.95)
lets you easily upload MKV, AVI, MP4 videos to any iOS device with no need to convert the files.

RoboForm Everywhere (19,95$)
is a password manager tool similar to 1Password and comes with a 1 year subscription.

Scapple ($14.99)
is a tool for brainstormings.

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