The Creatable Pick A Bundle 2018 – select 10 out of 28 apps for $39

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Build your own bundle …

Here is the next bundle. This time it’s from Creatable. The so-called Creatable Pick A Bundle 2018 offers you 28 apps and you can select 10 out of these for a price of $39. If you want to, you can get the whole 28 apps for $99.  

Highlight apps

For us, the highlight apps in this bundle are Yummy FTP Pro 2 Lifetime, SyncMate Expert 7, Scrutiny 7, Folx Pro 5, PDF Manager Ultimate and ContactsMate.

Savings & Availability

If you buy the 10 most expensive apps, you can save 93% compared to the original single app prices. So you can get every app for an average price of $4 only! You have to check out if you find a few apps you need which justify the price of $39.

Our summary of the Creatable Pick a Bundle 2018 

As you have to select 10 apps, you must decide if you find apps worth more than $39 to make a bargain. The good thing is that you can check out apps you would have missed without that bundle.

The Creatable Pick A Bundle 2018 contains the following apps and many more:

Scrutiny ($115)
is a tool for screening and measuring websites.
+9 apps for $39
Yummy FTP Pro 2 Lifetime ($99)
is an FTP/S + SFTP + WebDAV/S file transfer client.
+ 9 apps for $39
SyncMate Expert 7 ($39.95)
synchronizes your mayor apps like calendars and contacts.
+ 9 apps for $39
CloudMounter ($44.99)
mounts cloud storage as local drives.
+ 9 apps for $39
MateTranslate ($29.99)
is a translator app for text & speech.
+ 9 apps $39
Toolbox for MS Office ($39.99)
is the ultimate companion for Microsoft Office.
+ 9 apps for $39
SQLPro for Postgres ($39.99)
is a simple, powerful Postgres manager.
+ 9 apps $39
iPhone Recovery for Mac ($49.99)
is an iPhone data recovery software for macOS
+ 9 apps for $39
PDF Manager Ultimate ($69.99)
is the ultimate all-in-one PDF editor and manager
+ 9 apps for $39
ContactsMate ($29.99)
lets you manage your contacts.
+ 9 apps for $39

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