EXPIRED – The Fall Mac Bundle with 12 apps at your own defined price – worth $430.23

It’s again mac.creatable who publishes the next bundle. The so called Fall Mac Bundle contains 12 apps at your own definded price. If you pay more than the so far paid average you will get the whole 12 apps. Otherwise you will only get the first 3 described below. The bundle worth $430.23 will be available until further notice. If you are interested in, you should hurry up as the price usually increases with time.

Here are the apps included in the Fall Mac Bundle:

is a bulk tool for images.

RedHand (5$)
automatically protects your Mac from unwanted access.

Suite for Pages
contains premium-quality templates for Pages.

LaunchControl ($10)
is a debug system for the Mac.

SyncMate Expert 5 ($40)
lets you synchronize your devices for major apps such as calendars, reminders, contacts, boomarks and so on.

Trickster (10$)
is a productive booster which gives you fast access to the last documents and files you used.

is a system-maintenance tool that runs your mac faster.

Snapheal Pro ($39,99)
is an simple but impressing photo editor that comes in the professional version.

Mariner Write (50$)
is a text programm for your Mac.

xPlan (80$)
is a project management software for managing your jobs including milestones, GANNT diagrams etc.

iPhone Cleaner
deletes unneccessary data on your iphone.

Aperture Themes
contains numerous themes for Aperture.

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