Bundlefox Pick Your Own Mac Bundle – Get 4 out of 10 apps for $12 only!

Photo Bundlefox Pick Your Own Mac Bundle May

Bundlefox again launched a new version of its bundle. The so called Bundlefox Pick Your Own Mac Bundle comes again with 10 apps and lets you choose 4 out of 10 apps at a price of $12 only. It contains tools such as FX Photo Studio CK, Narrator and Hyperplan. You can save up to $159 or 93%. The bundle will probably be available for a couple of weeks.

The Bundlefox Pick Your Own Mac Bundle contains the following apps:

FX Photo Studio CK ($29.99)
is an awarded tool for photo editing. Like in Photoshop you can work in different layers and you can add numerous filters.

Narrator ($29.95)
reads out loudly your texts.

Hyperplan ($40)
is a visual planning tool.

IMyfone D-Port ($34.95)
is an app to export your data from iOS devices.

Tidy Up (30$)
finds duplicates files in order to clean your harddisk.

enhances the perfomance of your desktop by creating intelligent folders.

Minitube ($9.75)
is a YouTube client.

EasySplitMerge ($19.95)
lets you easily send huge files.

Audio Book ($19.95)
convers e-books into audio books.

iPhone Cleaner
deletes unneccessary data on your iphone.

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