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EXPIRED – The March Mac Bundle with 10 apps worth $237 at your own price

And here comes the next bundle from . The so called March Mac Bundle comes with 10 apps at you own defined price. If you pay more than the average paid price so far, you will receive all the 10 apps worth more than $237. The included highlight apps are iMazing, Motion Composer and PulpMotion alone worth more than $100. The current price is just around $9, so you can really make a bargain. In the past it has been a good move to act fast as the average price usually increases with time.

The following apps are included in the March Mac Bundle:

iMazing ($30)
is for an easy data exchange between iPhone, iPod, iPad und Mac.

PDF Squeezer
reduces the size of PDF files.

Motion Composer ($30)
MotionComposer lets you create animations and interactive content in HTML 5.

Selfie App ($4.99)
takes a selfie every time you open your MacBook.

iTranslate ($9.99)
is one of the most popular translation tools on the App Store.

Set for iWork (69$)
contains more than 2000 Templates and drafts for Apple’s offices software iWork.

Peak Hour ($9.99)
is a real-time network traffic monitor for your Mac.

Disc Cover ($34.95)
creates covers for CD and DVD labels.

PulpMotion ($49)
lets you build animations out of pictures, videos and music.

PSD Cleaner ($15)
helps organizing Photoshop files.

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