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EXPIRED – The BlackFriday Mac Bundle with up to 11 apps for only 49,99$

StackSocial published with ist so called BlackFriday Mac Bundle the second big bundle for the holiday season. The latest bundle bundle contains up to 11 apps for the Apple Mac at a price of only 49,99$. The bundle price is justified as it comes with a couple of highlight apps, such as MotionComposer, CrazyTalk7 Standard and Mac Internet Security 2013. The first 5.000 buyers also receive the software PopClip. The savings add up to 339$ or 88%. The software package will be available until the 10th of december.

Here is a short summary of the included apps:

Motion Composer (149$)
MotionComposer lets you create aimation and interactive content for your websites. The created content will be in the HTML5 format.

CrazyTalk7 Standard (30$)
is a tool for animating faces and letting them talk.

Mac Internet Security 2013 (50$)
is one of the leading antivir softwares on the market. It can be installed on 1 Mac and also comes with free updates for a year.

Data Backup 3 (49$)
is a well known Backup software for the Apple Mac.

Pagico (50$)
is your personal database for notes, tasks, lists, files, projects and contacts.

DiskAid (30$)
is for an easy data exchange betweern iPhone, iPod, iPad und Mac.

iStat Menu 4 (16$)
graphically displays your Mac’s performance.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (10$)
is a game for the Mac based on the Star Wars saga.

Gemini (10$)
locates and deletes duplicate files in a fast and simply way.

Numi 2 (20$)
combines calculations & texts all from your menu bar.

PopClip (5$) – for the first 5.000 buyers
is a productivity tool.

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