EXPIRED – The Summer Mac Essentials Bundle with 10 apps for $19.99 – save 91%!

The new bundle from StackCommerce contains quite a few apps which have never been in bundles before. The so called Summer Mac Essentials Bundle comes with 10 apps for only $19.99. That is 91% off the orginal price of $234! There are relatively new apps which have been added to the bundle including Unibox, Noiseless and Hider. The bundle will be available until the end of june.

The Summer Mac Essentials Bundle includes the following apps:

iMazing ($30)
is for an easy data exchange between iPhone, iPod, iPad und Mac.

Unibox ($19.99)
is one of the hottest new apps to be released in the last few months. It features an elegant interface and takes a different, more personal approach to email.

Noiseless ($17.99)
is the latest of Macphuns photo apps and reduces digital noise in photos.

Hider ($19.99)
hides and encrypts files and folder with just one click.

iStat Menus 5 ($16.00)
graphically displays your Mac’s performance.

Beamer (15$)
streams your video files (and not just apple formats) to your Apple TV.

Circus Ponies NoteBook 4 ($49.99)
is a note-taking solution for the Mac.

App Tamer 2 ($14.95)
is a really slick utility that it pauses apps in the background so they don’t use your CPU, which also extends battery life in laptops.

Chatology ($19.99)
lets you have a closer look at your previous chats and makes it possible to search the chats in a specific time range for keywords.

Jump Desktop ($29.99)
offers your remote desktop connections to practically any computer in the world.

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