EXPIRED – The October Mac PWYW Bundle with 10 apps for less than $10

Screenshot Mac October Bundle

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And here is the PWYW bundle number two from Creatable. The so called October Mac PWYW Bundle also contains 10 apps for a little bit less than $10 at the moment. If you pay more than the so far paid average price, you will get the whole 10 apps. The bundle will be available until the mid of november.

The October Mac PWYW Bundle contains the following apps:

PDF Squeezer
reduces the size of PDF files.

iSwift ($14)
converts Objective-C code to Swift.

Digital Sentry ($19.95)
protects your system from unwanted access and data theft.

Amberlight ($30.00)
creates CGI images.

Mac Gourmet Deluxe ($49.95)
lets you manage your recipes and bills.

Commander One ($29.95)
is Dual-Panel Finder alternative for Navigating Your Mac which might remind you of Norton Commander.

iNotePad ($25.00)
is a tool for organising files and notes.

Secret Folder Pro ($25.00)
hides folder that they can only be seen by the folder creator.

iDatabase ($30.00)
is a database you can use for catalogs.

Unclouder ($10)
lets you backup your iCloud drive locally.

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