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EXPIRED – Premium Mac App Bundle with Parallels 11, 1Password and 6 additional Apps – Save 84%!

It has been kind of a tradition that Parallels is offering its latest version for the first time in a Black Friday bundle! So it is this year! And again it is a huge one, maybe the best bundle for the year! The so called “Premium Mac App Bundle” contains full versions of Parallels 11 and 1Password. Both apps justify the bundle price alone of $79,99. In addition to this, you will receive another 6 apps worth a total of around $500. The savings are around 84%. You can also get an upgrade from a previous Parallels version for $49.99 including the 8 apps! It is not mentioned how long the bundle will be available, so you’d better hurry up.

The Premium Mac App Bundle includes the following apps:

Parallels 11 ($79.99)
is THE windows virtual machine. Parallels 11 also supports Mac OS X El Capitan and is an attractive tool, if you are using both windows and Mac OS X.

1Password ($49.95)
is the best app for storing your passwords.

Camtasia 2 ($99,99)
Camtasia is perhaps THE screen capture tool for Mac. You can record your own videos, add comments or graphics and you can import your own moderated videos.

Parallels Access ($34.99)
gives you a 2-year-subscription for a remote access to your system.

Evernote Premium ($49.99)
is one of the best tools when it comes to taking notes. It comes with full cloud integration.

Pocket Premium ($44.99)
lets you store articles, videos, tweets and so on and makes them available even offline.

PDFpen 7 ($124.99)
offers editing and annotating of your PDFs and also supports OCR of scanned documents.

SnagIt ($50)
is a screen capture tool which lets you add additional elements like stamps, texts, effects etc. It also offers you an export function for social media tools.

Comments (4)

I already have an Evernote Premium subscription (that ends January 2016).
Can I choose a start date for this pack?

we are not sure, I guess you have to ask Evernote directly, as only they will know.

I have purchased this bundle. Unfortunately my iMac disk had to be replaced. I was able to reinstall the Parallels 11 via the my account. However I’m not bale te re-install Snagit and 1Password. I don’t have the license key anymore.

Is there a possibility to recover this in another way?

did you try to contact Agilie Bits, the developer of 1Password? Maybe they have an idea?

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