EXPIRED – Paddle’s Mini Mac Bundle with 6 apps for just 14,99$

Here we go again with a new bundle by Paddle.com, the so called Mini Mac Bundle.

For the price of just 14,99$ you will get 6 apps and you can save up to 91% compared to the RRP.
Like always, you have to judge it the bundle is worth that much.

The interesting thing is that the bundle covers apps which haven’t appeared in the bundles we promotet so far. Maybe because of this, you’ll find the app you have been looking for so long.

There is no expiry date indiacted for the bundle, so you’d better be quick.

Here comes the short summary of the 6 apps:

is your management software for YouTube which allows you to download videos and manage your playlists and favorites.

Royal TSX
organises the access to remote connections. The software is still in beta but you get the full version for free as soon it is published.

iPhone Data Recovery
is maybe the most interesting program in the bundle. It tries to save your iPhone data once you suffer a data loss.

Metanota Pro
oragnises your notes just like SimpleNote and Evernote.

Disk Order
is a file managment software.

Librarian Pro
manages your books, magazines, cds, movies and software.

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