EXPIRED – The MacUpdate Metakine bundle with 10 apps for 39,99$

At the beginning of the weekend, MacUpdate published its latest bundle, the so called Metakine Bundle, which contains 10 apps at a price of 39,99$. That means savings of 278$ or around 87%. The majority of the apps has previously occured in earlier bundles of different publishers. The bundle itself will be available for 3 days but will probably be extended as usual for a couple of days.

Here comes the short summary of the apps:

DVDRemaster 8 (49,99$)
is a tool for re-encoding you DVDs. You can move Data from large DVDs to standard DVDs.

Mac DVDRipper Pro (24.95$)
lets you rip your DVDs.

Aurora (14,95$)
is an alarm clock, that wakes you up with iTunes songs or playlists.

Hands Off (49,95$)
gives you control over your data and privacy.

Processes (9,99$)
monitors the running processes of your Mac.

Magic Launch (19,95$)
is a tool for managing your app launches.

Decompose (29.99$)
lets you cut and extract elements out of your pictures.

Back in Focus (99,99$)
increases the sharpness of your pictures.

Photo Batch (14,95$)
is for editiing pictures in a batch process.

Video Rotate (2,99$)
lets you rotate videos in order to present them perfectly on your screen.

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