EXPIRED – The MacHeist Apple Design Award Bundle with up to 9 apps for $19.99

Finally there is a new bundle from MacHeist. The so called MacHeist Apple Design Award Bundle contains up to 9 apps at a price of only $19,99. The bundle worth $1,776 and at least available until next tuesday offers you the whole 9 apps if more than 10,000 bundles are sold, which is very common for MacHeist. There is no hint yet, what will be the 9th app.

here is a short description of the included apps:

BoinxTV ($499) 

transforms your Mac into a tv studio with live camera videos, clips, photos and 3D graphics.

MacJournal ($39,99)
lets you create your own diaries, journals and so on.

Toon Boom Studio (249$)
is a animation tool.

AccountEdge Pro (399$)
is an accounting programme.

iSale (21,99$)
is an Ebay auction manager.

Picturesque ($14,99)
is photo management software with predefined effects.

Starry Night Pro (150$)
is a tool for hobby astronomers.

XoJo Desktop (300$)
lets you create apps for mobiles and desktops without a big coding knowledge.

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