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EXPIRED – Paddle’s new Mini Summer Mac Bundle with 5 apps for just 14,99$ – 90% savings

There is the next mini bundle. Paddle just published its so called Mini Summer Mac Bundle with 5 apps for just 14.99$ which equals savings of up to 90% or 134$.

Here comes the summary ot the 5 tools:

iDocument (50$)
is the perfect tool for cloud document organisation also for Mountain Lion.

Smaller (20$)
compresses developer code of HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript. It comes as an 64-bit Cocoa application.

SyncMate (40$)
lets you synchronize your devices for major apps such as calendars, reminders, contacts, boomarks and so on.

TBMFM! – The Big Mean Folder Machine
organizes your folders and files.

creates a video diary with your webcam.

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