EXPIRED – Macbundler bundle with 6 Apps for just 29$ – savings of 86%

The latest Macbundler bundle for Apple’s Mac really is a highlight. With Family Protector Premium, MoneyWell and mSecure there are a lot of high priced and useful apps in the latest Macbundler bundle, which is available for a price of just 29$ untli the 10th of september. You can save up to 185$ or 86%.

Macbundler put the following apps in its bundle:

Family Protector Premium (80$)
protects your children from the visit of unwanted sites.

Logoist (19,99$)
lets you create logos, banners and website elements.

MoneyWell ($49.99)
is a tool for managing your finances.

AppFresh (20$)
helps you to keep all your apps and plugins updated.

CameraBag 2 (15$)
is a photo app for editing with over 100 filters.

mSecure (19,99$)
is a tool for managing passwords.

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