Epic Photography Bundle with 7 apps and 8 assets for $30 onyl – save 97%

Photo Epic Photography Bundle

The next bundle which comes from Creatable.co is all about photography. The so called Epic Photography Bundle contains 15 Assets – 7 apps and 8 Add-Ons – at a price of $30. The whole bundle is worth $1.100, which means you can save up to 97%. As in the past the bundle will be available for a couple of weeks.

The following apps are included in the Epic Photography Bundle:

Snapheal CK ($49.99)
is an simple but impressing photo editor that comes in the professional version.

Intensify CK ($59.99)
is a tool which intensifies photo elements or the whole pictures.

Renamer ($19.99)
organizes and renames mass amounts of similar files with ease.

Picktorial ($49.99)
is a powerful tool for photo editing.

GoodTimes ($29.99)
lets you build collages.

Photo Dazzle ($19.99)
contains numerous filters for photo editing.

Reflect Studio ($29.99)
adds light reflections to your pictures.

and you will get 8 additional assets on top!

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