EXPIRED – The 10-For-$10 Mac App Bundle with 10 apps – 78% OFF

The first bundle of the new year comes from StackSocial. The so called 10-For-$10 Mac App Bundle comes as the name says with 10 apps for $10. Six of them have been already included in the Fiplab Bundle we presented in december. The savings of the bundles are this time around 78%. The bundle will probably be available until the 7th of february.

The following apps are included in the 10-For-$10 Mac App Bundle :

Disk Map ($4.99)
visualizes the disk storage and lets you delete or compress files and folders to gain space.

MenuTab Pro for Facebook
lets you access your Facebook in a sleek app without opening a browser.

NotesTab Pro
gives you easy access to your notes.

Copy Clip 2 ($4.99)
is a strong clipboard manager.

Privacy Protector ($4.99)
saves your privacy.

Share Bucket ($4.99)
is a file sharing tool which allows screenshot annotations.

StatsBar ($3.99)
visualizes stats regarding your Mac performance.

lets you easily monitor and optimize your Stock Market Investments.

Alerts for Gmail ($4.99)
adds an alert function to your Mac’s menubar.

Instareel for Instagram
allows browsing Instagram without opening an internet browser.

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