EXPIRED – The Winter Utility Bundle from Paddle with up to 8 apps at your own defined price

Paddle hast just published another bundler. The so called Winter Utility Bundle contains 8 apps at your own defined price. If you pay more than the average paid price, you will get all 8 apps. The bundle mainly contains apps which haven’t been included in previous bundles. It is available until the 19th of december.

Here is an overview over the included apps:

is a tool for taking and organizing screenshots.

is an app launcher and switcher tool.

Choco 2 (39,99$)
this app allows you to create some nice collages.

is a bookkeeping software.

offers opening the main menu with a hot key or mouse button.

Metanota Pro
is for managing your notes.

is for managing your music files.

delays the closing of apps. So if you accidentally closed an app you can stop the application quitting.

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