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EXPIRED – The German Mac Bundle – 8 Apps with Parallels 8 for 65$

StackSocial launched a new bundle which primarily adresses to German Customer as it features Parallels 8 as a German only version. In addition to this there are several apps which only come in the German version. At least that is what is said on the page. In the past, it was also possible to install an english version and use the normal key. But no guarantee on that. In order to make sure, you better ask StackSocial or the app’s developper for that.

The so called German Mac Bundle is availalbe for 65$ and will probably end on the 15th of march.

Here is a summary of the included apps:

Circus Ponies NoteBook (50$)
lets you add audio files to your notes.

TextExpander 4 (35$)
enhances the typing speed by predefined shortcuts and fixes typo.

iDocument (50$)
is the perfect tool for cloud document organisation also for Mountain Lion.

Morph Age Express
lets you morph pictures and save the results as a new picture or a video..

KeyCue (25,99$)
displays all the available shortcuts after pressing the command key.

Gemini (10$)
locates and deletes duplicate files in a fast and simply way.

is a small but smart calculator.

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