EXPIRED – The 2014 Mac Pick a Bundle – Choose 10 out of 30 apps for only 39,99$

Paddle just published a new bundle. The so called 2014 Mac Pick a Bundle lets you choose 10 apps out of 30 at a price of only 39,99$. The bundle contains numerous highlights such as CrossOver, VirusBarrier, DiskAid, DiskTools Pro, Data Recovery Guru and Snapheal. Unfortunately there is no hint how long the bundle will be available!

Here is a list of the apps (a short description will follow at the weekend):

Virus Barrier 2013 (39,99$)
is one of the leading antivir softwares for Mac.

Prizmo (49,99$)
is a scan software that lets you edit the scanned elements afterwards inculding an OCR component for text recognition.

Chatology (20$)
lets you have a closer look at your previous chats and makes it possible to search the chats in a specific time range for keywords.

CrossOver (59,95$)
allwows you to open Windows apps on your Mac. There is no need for rebooting. According to the developper it even runs at native speed.

Let.ter (3,99$)
is a markdown powered email client.

Clarify (29,99$)
is a tool to create tutiorals.

Droplr (19,99$)
lets you share documents, files and more by generating a unique shortlink.

Washing Machine 2014 (29,99$)
cleans your Mac from unnecessary data which has come with surfing the web.

Singlemizer (19,99$)
elimantes redundant files on your Mac.

DropDMG (24,00$)
creates .dmg files out of folders or disks.

Hydra Express (49,95$)
creates HDR photos from regular photos.

Memory Cleaner (5,99$)
cleans your memory from unneeded files.

Data Recovery Guru (79,00$)
is an easy to use and technologically advanced recovery software.

Snapheal (19,99$)
is an simple but impressing photo editor.

xLine (41,20$)
is a mindmapping tool, that visualises your thoughts.

Keyboard Cowboy 2.0 (3,99$)
is a hotkey shortcut manager.

X-Mirage (16,00$)
lets you mirroring your iDevices to your Mac.

Periscope Pro (19,99$)
transforms your Mac into a surveillance camera.

MoneyWiz (24,99$)
manages your finances.

MarkDrop (7,99$)
is a markdown editor.

UninstallPKG (9,99$)
deletes unneccessary install files.

Disk Diet (6,99$)
frees your disk from unneeded languages, caches, trash, etc.

ForeverSave 2 (19,95$)
is an auto backup solution for your documents and files.

DiskAid (29,90$)
is for an easy data exchange betweern iPhone, iPod, iPad und Mac.

FontBoss – Font Manager (39,99$)
lets you manage all your fonts.

Disktools Pro (79,99$)
This app lets you easily defrag, backup and repair your hard drive. It can identify damaged sectors and will enhance your drive capacity.

SmoothCursor (2,99$)
lets you adjust your mouse and trackpad acceleration.

MoneyBag (24,99$)
manages your finances.

TasksBox (59,99$)
is a ToDo-List tool which offers cloud synchronisation.

Mac App Blocker (14,95$)
protects selected apps with a password.

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