EXPIRED – StackSocial’s Mini Utility Mac Bundle – 3 apps at a small price

After the Summer 2013 Mac Bundle, StackSocial announced another Bundle, the so called Mini Utility Mac Bundle with savings up to 73%.

The bundle at a price of 19,99$ contains a total of 3 apps. It is only attractive if you need at least one of the apps anyway. In that case, you’ll get the other two apps for free.

Here comes an overview over the 3 apps.

TouchCopy (30$)
copies the content of your iPhone or iPod directly to you Mac or PC.

TuneSweeper (20$)
cleans your iTunes library by deleting redundant songs etc.

iBackup Extractor (25$)
lets you restore single elements out of your iTunes backups of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

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