Smart 7 App Mac Bundle with 7 apps for $21.99 – save up to $673!

It has been a while, but here comes the latest bundle from BundleHunt and you can save heaps! The so called BundleHunt Smart 7 App Mac Bundle lets you choose 7 apps out of 47 for $21.99 only. This means savings of up to $622. The bundle contains highlights such as HDR Darkroom 3, Disk Drill Pro, NetSpot Pro, Noiseless CK, FX Photo Studio CK and many more. According to how many apps you need, you can consider buying 2 bundles. The bundle will probably be available for 4 weeks. 

The BundleHunt Smart 7 App Mac Bundle contains the following apps and many more:

NetSpot Pro ($49)
manages and controls your wifi network.

Hands Off ($149.99)
gives you control over your data and privacy.

Data Recovery Master for Mac ($69.95)
is an easy to use and technologically advanced recovery software.

Next Flipbook Maker ($99.00)
creates flipbooks out of PDFs and pictures.

Moneyspire Pro 2017 ($119.99)
is a comprehensive, user-friendly personal-finance software.

Noiseless CK ($59.99)
is the latest of Macphuns photo apps and reduces digital noise in photos.

FX Photo Studio CK ($29.99)
is an awarded tool for photo editing. Like in Photoshop you can work in different layers and you can add numerous filters.

Disk Drill Pro ($89)
is a software for data recovery.

and many more

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