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EXPIRED – Pick a Bundle deal – Pick 10 Mac apps for only $39

Finally there is a new Pick a Bundle deal from mac.creatable which lets you pick 10 out of 30 apps for only $39. The bundle is especially attractive as you can only chose the apps you want, so there a no useless apps for you. You can save more than $500 if you mainly chose the higher priced apps. There is no hint how long the bundle will be available so you’d better hurry up.

Here is an overview over the available apps in the Pick a Bundle deal:

MacKeeper Lite ($40)
Intensify Pro ($60)
PulpMotion ($49)
Skethes for Pages ($14)
Vitamin-R ($30)
Duplicate Annhiliator ($8)
App Tamer ($15)
Focus 2 Pro ($40)
iDive ($79)
Subtitle Studio ($15)
Silverlock ($30)
Motion Composer ($29)
MacJournal ($40)
Erato ($10)
Deskovery II ($25)
Eon ($20)
Amberlight ($30)
Default Folder X ($35)
Picjumbo ($12)
MacGourmet Deluxe ($50)
Movie Sherlock ($25)
Back in Focus ($100)
Noise Machine ($5)
History Hound ($15)
Jettison ($5)
Mail-Hub ($19)
WriteKit ($15)
VideoPier ($49)
Subtle Patterns ($12)

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