Pay What You Want Mac Bundle 1.0 from Bundlecult – 10 apps worth $270

There is a new bundle offer on the market coming from the new website BundleCult. The so called Pay What You Want Mac Bundle 1.0 contains up to 10 apps at your own defined price. You will get the apps Portrait Painter, iDocuments 2 and Boom for only $1. If you pay more than the average paid price so far, you will get the whole 10 apps worth more than $270. So you can make your bargain. You better hurry up, if you are interested as the price usually rises with time.

Here is an overview over the apps included in the Pay What You Want Mac Bundle 1.0:

CrossOver 14.1 ($39.95)
allwows you to open Windows apps on your Mac. There is no need for rebooting. According to the developper it even runs at native speed.

iDocuments 2 ($49,.99)
is the perfect tool for cloud document organisation also for Mavericks.

Portrait Painter ($9.99)
transforms your pictures into paintings.

Tidy Up ($39)
finds duplicates files in order to clean your harddisk.

Portrait Painter ($9.99)
transforms your pictures into paintings.

DiscLabel ($35.99)
is a tool for labeling CDs or DVDs.

Librarian Pro 3 ($29.95)
manages your books, magazines, cds, movies and software.

Washing Machine Secure X8 ($29.99)
cleans your Mac from unnecessary data which has come with surfing the web.

PhotoStyler ($29.99)
adds filter effects to your pictures.

Boom ($6.99)
enhances the sound volume of your mac and offers an equalizer.

Bookinist ($9.99)
is a tool for reading ebooks.

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