7 rules for a professional resume

Refrain from humor

The resume writing services is a business document. When writing it, avoid irony, humor and sarcasm. Make jokes later, but in the meantime the informational style will bring you much better results than even the most appropriate joke in this case.

Remove unnecessary personal information

For your own safety do not include personal information in your resume - passport number, exact address of residence and registration, etc.

Keep it concise

Do not make your resume look like an epic novel, putting there text of articles, publications, reflections on the meaning of life. It's all unnecessary. Resume should fit on one page, maximum - two. It won't add to your credibility if you're too laconic, either - a resume with the main fields not filled out to the end and the words "I'll tell you everything in person" will go straight to the trash.

Assess whether or not you need a link to your social network profiles

It's not always a good idea to include a link to your social networking accounts on your resume - the employer may find out too much stuff there. If the social networks do not characterize you as a professional, at the time of searching for work is worth thinking even about that in the settings of visibility to limit the possibility of viewing your pages, leaving access only to friends and family. And in general, you should not describe in your resume details of his personal life, including intimate. Avoid irrelevant information.

Make sure your resume is accurate and up-to-date

When writing your resume, be honest. Knowing specific programs, having certain skills are all very quick checks. If necessary, you will need to back up your information with documentation or relevant examples.

Include a fresh photo in your resume

The presence of a photo in your resume is not mandatory. But if you do decide to accompany the document with a photo, remember that it must meet a number of requirements. The picture should show only one person: you. Your face should be clearly visible. Remember: resumes with photos that show the applicant without clothes (partially or fully) will not be accepted!

Check your resume for spelling mistakes

There should not be any grammatical mistakes and typos in your CV, as such CVs make a very negative impression on the employer. By the way, our website has a function to check spelling.

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