Best Monero pools in 2021

Monero is a fairly popular coin among miners. This is largely because it can be extracted not only with the help of already classic GPUs, but also with the CPU, which significantly reduces the minimum threshold for entering the hash rate. In this article, we will look at the available pools for Monero XMR.

To begin with, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the list of the TOP 5 pools for Monero, and then we will talk about each of them in more detail:


This platform is characterized by one of the largest audience coverage. About 20-25% of all the computing power of the network is concentrated in its hands. In addition, an important characteristic of MiningPoolHub, which pushes out many other popular pools for Monero XMR, is that the resource has high stability of operation. This is a huge plus in his piggy bank because the volume of payments to miners directly depends on it.


Another fairly large platform with a large audience coverage, but less advertising. The hash rate of the pool usually covers about 10-15% of all active capacities, which allows it to find blocks every 30-40 minutes. The main disadvantage of this resource can be considered high commissions and withdrawal thresholds. You will have to pay 2% of your earnings for each worker, and you can only withdraw from 0.3 XMR.


This pool is already well known to many miners because it allows you to mine a fairly wide list of cryptocurrencies. Another notable feature of this service is the presence of an application for smartphones, which also introduces them to mining. If you wish, you can work with the payment system PPLNS (1% fee) or PPS (1.5% fee).

Dwarf Pool

This pool does not require registration in the system to work, which is a very significant factor for many miners. Its computing power is somewhat inferior to the leaders of the segment, but at the same time, many experienced miners choose it. Dwarf Pool works according to the PPS payment system, but at the same time, it beats quite high commissions, which are 1.5-2% static fees that vary depending on where you withdraw funds: to the wallet – 0.008 XMR, to the exchange – 0.014 XMR.


This pool, unlike the above, works exclusively with Monero coins. So far, it is not so popular among miners, and its audience is up to 1000 people. In addition, it is Russian-speaking, which captivates many users. That's why we included it in the list. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.5 XMR, and the commission is 1.9%. Funds are withdrawn automatically every 6 hours when the required amount is reached on the account.


All the pools presented above for Monero XMR have performed well in terms of reliability and performance. The choice of a specific resource depends on the type of equipment and experience. Crypto-Pool and MinerGate are platforms that are suitable for those users who already have some experience in mining. If you are a beginner, then MiningPoolHub will be a good option.

Dwarf Pool is somewhat specific in terms of interface and functionality, so we would not recommend starting your activity with it. In general, first of all, you should pay attention to the power of the pool, because the number of blocks extracted by it and the level of your profit depends on it.

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